Why LinkedIn Is The Best Social Media Platform For Growing The Business?

Why LinkedIn Is The Best Social Media Platform For Growing The Business?

LinkedIn is one of the most professional and organized social media platforms. Lots of business owners, entrepreneurs, business leaders, and experts are sharing present there.

As compared to all other social media platforms, LinkedIn is one of the best platforms to build connections and community. LinkedIn is all about who your connections know.

The things you need to optimize:

1. Name and Photo: LinkedIn is the most professional platform out there. Your profile name must be real. You should use to first name, last name in your profile name. Make sure that you don’t use the symbols, keywords, and email addresses in your profile name.

Once you have chosen a username, you need to upload a perfect profile picture. If it is your personal account, you need to update your actual and most recent photo as a profile picture.

Make sure your photo should take up 60% of the frame and you dress to the expectations of your desired audience. It is the most important thing that you need to do first.

If it is a business, company, or brand profile, you need to set your logo as a profile picture. But, while uploading the logo make sure that it perfectly fits in the frame. Your logo should not consist of more than 2-3 colors if it has more than 3 colors, it may not be attractive and appropriate.

2. Cover Image (Banner): Lots of LinkedIn users haven’t set a cover image on their profile. If you are one of them, add one cover image now. A cover image is a great way to point your expertise and gives your opportunity to add branding to your LinkedIn page.

You need to make sure that it can communicate with your audience and provide value to the users who visit your page.

3. Contact Details: Contact details are those things that help users to find you on other platforms and connect you over there. There may be lots of accounts of the same name. In such a case, the contact details can help users to distinguish you from other accounts if they don’t know you by face.

Your contact details consist of a personalized LinkedIn URL. You can add your personal/company website, your professional email address, social media link, and birthdate.

4. Headline: Your headline appears on a profile page with your name and profile pic. It is one to three things that appear in LinkedIn search results.

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