Why Push Notification Should Be a Part Of Your SEO Strategy

Why Push Notifications Should Be A Part Of Your SEO Strategy

Web push notifications are clickable, rich content, messages sent to your mobile devices by a website or an app. It can be delivered to your devices, mobile or desktop, even when users are not active on your site.

These notifications can only be sent to the user who has allowed it to be received. If not, he/she will not receive it; and in the case when he has clicked “Allow”, he will receive the notifications from the site even when he is not present on site.

These Notifications help you achieve your goal to target repeat traffic and to create a database of it. It is an effective way to re-engage your visitors without knowing their email or any other contact details. The notifications ultimately help you achieve your goal to make your site more profitable without much effort of backlinking.

Push notifications are available for web users on a desktop via Firefox, Chrome, and Safari. But, for mobile users, it is available only on chrome browser. All that is required in this situation for the user is to simply allow or block notifications on Chrome, Safari or Firefox.

What if there was a tool that will help you rank higher and at the same time make your website traffic remember you next time they are online? If your visitors had a way of knowing that there is new content on your website that they can check, and get what they want to know? The good news is that there is that tool, only that the majority of people out there don’t know what it is!

Push Notifications help you to engage your audience in a completely new way compared to the traditional modes of engagement like emails, or SMS.

There are two types of notifications that you have to look for:

1. Browser Push Notifications

2. Interactive Push Notifications

MaBrowser Push Notifications: These can also be called small alerts that are displayed on the browser while it is open. But, they only pop up if the user has permitted them to do so. When the user opens the website, they are allowed a small page asking them if they would like to allow notifications on their browsers or not.

If you choose to accept notifications, then you will end up getting timely updates on all the activities, wherever you go on in the specific site. Chrome is the most used browser worldwide, this means that you can send instant Chrome Push Notifications to your customers anytime you want. Your web visitors will have a chance to accept or deny notifications on their devices.

Interactive Push Notifications: Apple introduced interactive notifications that let you take actions on those push notifications without interfering with the app that you are currently using.

This is one of the main things that changed the way iPhone users interact with apps on their devices. That’s why interactive Push Notifications are becoming popular.

An Ultimate Impact On The Page Views And Session Duration

Web Push Notification doesn’t put a direct effect on SEO, but it would help more in engaging an audience with the website content. And, it will help in increasing the rank of your website on Google, Bing and other Search Engines.

Push notifications allow a brand or website to show their offerings or discounts, and it also allows users to indirectly connect with the brand.

Through Push notifications, you can serve the users according to their old search & behavior, or send the relevant content.

Here are some benefits of Web Push Notifications for a website.

1. Instant Communication: Browser Push Notifications deliver easily without delay to your user’s desktop browser or on the user’s mobile phone, even when they are not on your website.

2. Works on Mobile Push Notifications: Web Notifications work on Chrome, Firefox, and other mobile device applications too.

3. Assured Delivery: These notifications help in overcoming the flow of Emails and SMSs. Sometimes messages do not get delivered due to spam or some other reason. That’s why we can say it’s a very precise communication channel.

4. Re-engage with both customers and visitors: By using push notification, we can easily reach out to both users and website visitors. Because users subscribe/allow notifications to receive information from you. It gives you the ability to re-engage with your customers/audience without knowing their contact details.

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